Having the international passport of a country, boldly signifies that you’re a bonafide citizen of that country you bear their passport. Every sovereign nation has a stand-by procedure on how to acquire your international passport, particularly if you meet all the prerequisites.

In Nigeria, there exist documents which are known as prerequisites – and of course, the procedures necessary to get that green ECOWAS means of identification – of Nigerian origin.

Nigerians often face multiple hassles while getting this very important document or means of identification. One of the most prominent daunting factors includes the unavailability of passport booklets. I mean, the Immigration Service should have known by now, the number of passport applications that it gets annually. It should have also known by now that Nigeria’s population growth rate is 2.6%.

How difficult could it get to ensure that we have enough booklets to cover all applicants? I mean how?! The acquisition of a passport is not free – it comes with a fee, compared to the National Identity Cards. The Federal Government should plan the Treasury Single Account to ensure that the fees generated from passport issuance are used to ensure the availability of passport booklets at all times.

Nevertheless, our focus is on the procedures, and all are required to acquire a passport in Nigeria – not the challenges encountered. You’ll find the list of the processes below:

The Requirements Are:

These are the documents required of you.

Adults (18+ years):

  1. Completed passport application form
  2. Two recent passport-sized photographs
  3. Proof of payment
  4. Letter of identification from local government/ state of origin
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Completed Guarantor’s form (with a photocopy of the data page of Guarantor’s Nigerian e-passport and one passport-size photograph of the Guarantor)
  7. Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  8. Name change affidavit (if applicable)

Requirements For Minors:

  1. Completed passport application form
  2. One passport-size photograph (signed on the rare side by consenting parent/s)
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Evidence of Nigerian citizenship of parent/s
  5. Letter of consent from both parents (valid court order if one parent is unavailable)
  6. Proof of payment

The Main Procedures Include:

Once all the above-listed documents are made available, you can walk into any Immigration office and submit documents. When that is done, wait for the next instruction. In some cases, you’ll be required to capture your biometrics on that same day, while in other cases, you’ll have to come back later for capturing.

In the event of completing all the procedures – viola! You’re done with all the processes required of you. At this stage, you’ll be told on when you’ll need to come for the collection of your passport.

Normally, the standard Nigerian international passports validity is five years. You may only consider renewing your passport once all available pages have been used.

If you’re a frequent traveler, a 64 page passport booklet is strongly recommended, to avoid the constant visitation of the immigration office and going through all these hassles.

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