Hacking of Facebook accounts has become more and more rampant in recent times. The increasing number of fraudsters and blackmailers has been a major influencing factor. In the past, a Facebook account was practically useless to hackers. There was no need for anyone to want to hack your Facebook account since Facebook accounts were worth practically nothing.

However, over the years, Facebook has grown to be a valuable asset, especially for fraudsters and individuals with malicious intent – and then, for both brands and businesses. Facebook contains enough data for hackers to use for either monetary gain or blackmail or perhaps, for other numerous illicit dealings out there. A celebrity’s account, for example, can be hacked for a person to advertise a page or brand.

Regular or average individuals now get hacked – it happens more frequently these days. They either convert your account into a deceptive front – for baiting purposes, or they go about begging your friends for funds – yeah, it’s gone that bad.

I do hope these guidelines below will go a long way with helping you protect your Facebook accounts from these scammers.

1) Activate A two-way Verification

A two-way verification is a feature on Facebook which allows for, of course, a second verification process before your Facebook account can be accessed.

The verification feature requires the sending of an authentication message to your phone, every time you or a hacker tries to log in to your Facebook account. You can use this through third-party software or Facebook’s verification mechanism.

When in the process of logging in into your account – every time, you receive a unique code that will enable you to access Facebook in that session. Once the session has ended, you will need to receive another authentication message to access your account once more.

2) Always Log-out From Every Alien Device

Whenever you find yourself using an alien device or a device that’s not owned by you, always do well to log out once you’re through with your session – this prevents your account from being taken advantage of.

3) Never Save Your Password On Alien Devices

Cybercafés or public computers, are always awesome alternatives whenever you’re on the go. There’s no doubt about it. They’ve also, over the years, turned out to be the unofficial password reservoirs – considering the number of people who just click on the ‘yes’ button that pops-up in the ‘save password’ dialogue box.

Most people do it out of sheer ignorance of the risks involved, others out of rush, considering the timing involved. This might also happen to you. If, or whenever you find yourself using an alien or public device to browse the internet, never save your passwords.

In conclusion, it’s highly recommended you stay safe, and observe the best security practices while using Facebook. If your account is hacked, and your profile used for some illicit dealings – you’re considered the prime suspect. You see it? It’s as important to safeguard your Facebook account, as it is to safeguard your bank account.

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