I remember back then as kids, my siblings and I would gather round, lock our hands together and scream, “Superfast” in order to get the house tidied up fast in a little time, whenever we suspected someone was visiting or dad was returning from work. Since it always worked out fine, we never bothered to clean up the house regularly; we would rather leave it to the last minute when there is an emergency that warrants it( that is, a visitor or dad returning from work). Crazy right? I actually did this as a kid.

There were two problems with this method however, but we were too lazy to address them.

The first was that; there were times a visitor would come to the house and it would escape our notice or dad returns from work as a surprise (surprise ruined when he finds the house dirty; it would turn to flogging).

The second was that; in order for the cleaning to actually be “superfast”, we had to be complete, that is, my siblings and I, everyone had to be around. But what happens when one or two people are not around at the time of emergency. Now, what could have been done at the right time and would only need little tidying at the time of emergency becomes a problem because of procrastination.

In relation to reading, this is what many of us do. We leave our reading and studying till exams come knocking at the door. We are well aware that this method is not accurate but we are too lazy to address them.

What happens if a test or exam comes impromptu? What do you do then? I know it can rarely occur but just imagine, what if? Wouldn’t you love a situation where you are always prepared anytime and anywhere? Wouldn’t you like to be called upon anytime to defend your work and you don’t end up “falling hand”? If you do, then cultivate the habit of reading always.

Here’s an assignment for you. There’s a reward for the first persons to attempt these questions. You think I’m joking, answer first and e go shock you. It’s my new year gift to you for reading and engaging on my post.

I mentioned two problems of the superfast method of cleaning up but I illustrated only one in relation to reading. Explain the second problem in relation to reading.

Secondly, I’m well aware that there are other problems of superfast cleaning up and reading but I gave just two. Kindly mention others you know in relation to cleaning up and reading.

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comment section. See you next week!

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