Hello readers! I’m sure we must have heard of the popular slang now- ” school na scam”- that has been going around. For a minute there, I was beginning to buy into that idea especially considering the part of the world where I live, where it seems like school is just a waste of time and only connection can get you to great places in life, well no more, I am now fully convinced that school is not a scam.

From what perspective do we view schooling because the way we view schooling determines whether or not we see it as scam. Schooling is much more than just going to school to learn how to read and write. It goes way beyond that. Especially at the tertiary level, schooling involves a lot of things. It is an opportunity to learn to speak to a crowd for those who are shy. It is an opportunity to try new things out. It is an opportunity to learn some of the things you’ve always desired to learn. It is even an opportunity to make some long-lasting relationships and friendships.

Though the educational system is flawed, believe it or not, it still plays its role. I believe it will only be of benefit to those that understands and are truly wise because only such people will grab such opportunities and won’t let them slip past them. Getting the degree is important but being capable of defending it is much more important because you never know when its defense will be required at your hand most times unknown to you. You have to always be prepared when opportunities come knocking at the door because at such times you won’t be able to prepare again and if you are not prepared you will miss the opportunity.

Dear readers, its easy to be carried away by all the distractions around us which will make us lose sight if the vision and focus but I implore us to stand our ground. So yeah, school might be scam for those who have decided to cut corners and illegitimately achieve their goals but it isn’t for those who have decided to follow hard work and do things the right way which lasts and gives peace. I pray that the Almighty God will crown all our efforts and hard work with tremendous success in Jesus name. Thank you for reading! Please don’t forget to like and comment🙂

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