If You Use These Three Things To Cook Stop It Immediately, See Reasons

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Most persons especially Nigerian restaurants these days use paracetamol to cook their meat and "pommo" in order to make it soft or "don" on time. this is totally wrong and dangerous to people's health. Also using baking soda or alum or potash to cook beans or "ewa" to make it soft on time us also totally wrong. The reason is simple, not only that these chemicals damage the nutrients in our food, they are also totally not good for our health. Paracetamol, potash, baking soda, alum etc are all chemicals and are dangerous to our health, under high temperature when cooking these substances can change to deadly chemicals that can cause serious health damage especially to the kidney. Also constantly taking these chemicals might cause cancer in the body.

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has urged members of the public to inform it of any person or restaurant using paracetamol tablets to prepare food or soften meat during cooking.

The agency, in a public alert issued on Tuesday, said the use of paracetamol for cooking was not only dangerous and toxic, but unfit for human consumption, warning those involved in such act to desist immediately.

In the statement, NAFDAC said it was “seriously concerned” by what it described as not only “dangerous”, but also “illegal,” emphasising that members of the public, especially restaurant operators are “cautioned to desist from the dangerous and unapproved use of paracetamol tablets to soften meat used in food preparation.”

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