Important info to all Superincome Members

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Good Evening Guys! 

Hope you are all doing well and good? 

First of all we want to apologise for the slow down of activities on Superincome, we have a lot to fix technically and our Tech guys are already on it since last month and would be rounding up this month!

Now we want to Urge Everyone of you all to kindly exercise patience with us while we solve some of the issue on ground!

One of the issues we are facing currently is the "auto reversal of Earnings Unpaid, Normally there is a call to action button which when it's used or pressed it automatically reverses unpaid earnings, but it has been dysfunctional lately and it's something our tech guys are working on.. we urge everyone of you to keep calm and have patience with us as we would also be rebranding superincome, Our Tech guys promised to complete the project in 60 days, which they started last month and hopefully in the next 30 days there would be a brand new Superincome which all functions would be working out well and properly!!

We also have some glitches with the payment portal we are using as well and some other silly errors like "posting of articles by Users" which is not working properly..

Please give Us Time! We coming back stronger and as usual next month!!

Initially we decided to Pause activities on the site until all these are worked upon but we have decided to enable activities earnings back but it won't be as it should be!!

Kindly Note that Superincome is not a scam, Superincome Still pays Now and would keep paying!!

Thank You!!

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