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What's Superincome About?

Superincome is Forum where you can get the latest,trending news and gists as it breaks from all Sector of the industry, It is Also Has An Affiliate Scheme Where Users And Visitors are being Paid for every activities done on the site, it's an online Earning opportunity where you can make money from the comfort of your home without stress. Anyone could get on this, Either Employed or Unemployed, Young or Old. As long as you have a smart phone with Internet connection you have a lot to benefit from Superincome Forum.


There are about 5 or more ways to make money from Superincome which is as follows.

1 •We Pay You Daily When you Login Your Personal Superincome Account (50POINTS)(For you to be able to Earn, You have to Register First, Once you Register You have your own personal account, Which You are Paid Whenever you Login Daily).

2• We Pay You For Each Post or Articles You Read and Comment on. Once You Open A particular Posts, Read an comment You Get Paid. (WE PAY YOU 10 points for each post you Read and also 10 Points for Each comment you make)

3 • We Pay You For Sharing Sponsored Post Daily (100 points)

(Sponsored Post is actually A Post that Each and Every member is Expected to share on their Facebook Account Daily. You get 50 Points for Each Post You share on Facebook.

4• We Pay You N500 for Each Direct Referral Who uses your Link to Register, Now this is the fastest Way to make it big here. Once anyone registers or Signs Up with your link automatically you get a whooping sum of N500. The more people you refer or introduce the more money you make.

5• We Pay you N200. For Each Indirect Referral from any of your downlines. This is the sweetest part, Whenever Any of your Referrals actually Refer someone or people on their own you yourself get instant N200 Indirect Referral Bonus. Yes let's pay you to be a grand uncle or Grand Aunt. This is actually you making money even while you sleep as you are going to enjoy 20% Indirect Referral bonus from every of your downlines referrals.

6• We Pay you 50 Points for Each Approved Topic sent and approved by Us. You as a member can send us content and get paid when Approved .


To Register you first of all have to purchase a coupon code or Get your Airtime pin and serial number ready, Because we have two payments gateway which has to do with coupon code bought from authorised agents or self Airtime payment integration. Kindly take note that the Coupon code costs just N1000 while payment with Airtime is N1200(You need 1200 worth of airtime voucher to be able to register successfully.

Coupon code is like an activation code that is required and needed in the registration page.. So for you to register you only need 4 things

• Your Smart phone

•Internet connection

•Facebook Account

•Coupon code purchase of N1000.


Coupon code is actually like an activation code that gives you access to the system and makes your registration possible and successful. Everyone who wants to register sure needs a coupon code, So you have to get your coupon code from our Agents .. kindly click on buy coupon to see the list of agents to buy code from. All you have to do is make payment into their account and then they would send you your coupon code after confirmation.

We Also have the Airtime Payment gateway which is like an Alternative to the Coupon code, if you know you can't buy coupon code or maybe you can't do transfer, or maybe you have the money in cash and not at bank then You can use the airtime payment gateway where you can successfully register Using Recharge pin and Serial number. Airtime payment converts for N1200. So you need MTN N1200 to register if you can't use the coupon code payment system.


• You can withdraw your referral Earnings, anytime, any day and you get paid within 24 -48hours at most while your activities Earnings can be withdrawn weekly (Saturdays)and exclusively on the 24th/25th of every month (kindly note that the activities points conversion every Saturdays is 2500 Points which is equivalent to N1000 cash while the conversion every 24th is 5000 points which is equivalent to N3500 Cash

Time for activities Withdrawals is usually 10:00am every Saturdays and also on the 24th!
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