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Blogging and Making Money Online in Nigeria has taken a new turn in the past one year. People are getting creative and maximizing opportunities every day.

Bloggers have created a system to share revenue with their audience in a do-activity-to-earn format. This helps them attract more traffic and make more money while they pay part of that money to their participants!

Already, the system has been proven and big names like NNU and have paid well over 250 Million Naira cumulatively to their Members in one year. This simply means that they make the money; in millions of naira monthly!

In fact, one of such websites we set up a month ago is now earning $100 daily from Google Adsense, with just over 4000 members. You can now do the maths! 4000 Members X N1500 plus $100 X 30days is already a lot of money!

So, what if we help you set up a similar website where you can be in control of the cashflows and decide who gets what? We can tell you for a fact that those websites make millions of Naira Monthly and we are sure because have designed and managed 18 of such websites for their various owners.

Who are we?
We are Ladina Integrated Services, a registered and professional ICT Firm based in Abuja and we are the technical guys behind many of the big names you know in the Comment-to-Earn Website Ministry!

We have helped many people to develop Web projects all over the country and we want to do the same for you at a very little cost.
Proudly, We are the developers of the following websites and more:

These websites above make money monthly and share with their members whatever they wish! We are presenting the same opportunity to you today.  We are very proud to be part of their success stories and It is time to give you the rare chance to become the boss of the system and not just a member.

Here are What we will do for you:

  1. Design and develop a very professional Comment to earn Website with all the sweet features you need. Imagine it and we will do it!

  2. Reveal secrets of the big guys in the industry to help you succeed faster and easily.

  3. Buy and use any domain (website name) of your choice.

  4. SEO and Mobile friendly website to attract traffic from Google

  5. Teach you how to monetize your website using Google AdSense, Taboola and other Advert Companies that will be paying to have their ads on your website.

  6. Show you how to source for sponsored Post.

  7. Show you how to grow the membership of your website to 5,000 in your first month of business.

  8. Show you how to make N5 Million revenue in your first month of business.

We know we can do all these because we have done it for the guys above and many more people and yours will not be different.

The next question is how much is this service?
Usually, we charge N200,000 to put up a comment-to-earn website and the added services from our wealth of experience can easily take the price up to N300,000. However, we are running a promotion on our services for a week.

So, we can currently help you set up your website and other added services for just N40,000 in just 4 days!  This offer is valid only for 5 days only from today and the price will go back to the actual price thereafter.

What's the sweetest part?
You only have to make a N20,000 deposit for us to start work and the rest can be paid later! This is because we value client relationship more than our fees!

To get started, send a deposit of N20,000 to our company’s account:

After payment, to give us your project specifications and we will deliver your Website in exactly 4 days!

Why should you trust us?
 We understand your fears, but here are reasons why you should trust us to handle your project:

  1. We are legit and Legal! We are a registered ICT firm with Corporate Affairs Commission and our registration number is RC 1526865. This means we can be reached and trusted.

  2. We have designed and delivered 18 Comment to earn website and some of them are listed above. You may even be a member of some of them!

  3. Because you will make only N20,000 deposit to start your work and the balance can be paid on delivery of the project! This is because we value your long-relationship more than our current promo fee!

  4. Because we will help you succeed. Since we have done it for many people, we help you succeed by showing you the secrets of the big guys in the industry!

Opportunities like this don’t come knocking everyday and we trust you are wise to act on this offer as soon as possible.

You can enter into partnership with your friends, colleagues or just people of common interest to develop this project and smile to the banks this year.

2019 is going and the actions you take now will determine how your year will be.  Embrace this special offer now at its promo price by sending N20,000 deposit to our company’s account: – Pynith Limited (Zenith Bank). After payment, call +2348171955660 to give us your project specifications and we will deliver your Website in exactly 4 days!

To your online Business Success

Ladina Integrated Services.

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