UK's Flairjet to pay N1m for violating Nigeria's aviation regulation

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United Kingdom-based airline 'Flairjet' has been fined N1m by the federal government, for violating Nigeria's civil aviation regulations by operating during the total lockdown. 


Minister of Aviation, Hadi Sirika who made the announcement also revealed that the airline has been reported to UK's CAA, MFA and the UK High Commission.. 


He tweeted; 


 “Flairjet were found to violate our civil aviation regulations IS 1.3.3 (a) Table 2 (IV) 7 (a) IS 1.3.3(a) Table 2(VIII)(4). The maximum penalty for each is N500,000:00k. We caused them to pay and reported their callous misdemeanor to UK CAA, MFA and the UK High Commission.”




Flairjet was given approval to operate humanitarian flight by the Federal Government due to the ban on commercial flights, but the company flouted the license.

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